Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting Data From Another Form in MS Access

Sometimes in order to run the VBA code I need data from a form other than the one that contains the code. For example, I have a form that shows all the data for an folder in a collection, frmFolderData. In order to pull the data to populate that form I need to know the folder’s index number. If frmFolderData is being opened from the list of folders in frmSeriesFolderList it is pretty simple:

     lngFolderID = Forms!frmSeriesFolderList.lstFolder.Column(0)

Where lngFolderID is a long variable for the folder index number, which is in the first column of the list box.

However if that is the code I use and then try to open frmFolderData from frmEADFolders I will get an error because frmSeriesFolderList is not open. I need to test for whether or not the form I want is open, or in this case, which of the two forms I could use is open. To do that I use the IsLoaded property.

Here is the code used in frmFolderData to decide whether to pull the needed data from frmSeriesFolderData or frmEADFolders:

     If CurrentProject.AllForms("frmSeriesFolderList").IsLoaded Then
          lngFolderID = Forms!frmSeriesFolderList.lstFolder.Column(0)
     ElseIf CurrentProject.AllForms("frmEADFolders").IsLoaded Then
          lngFolderID = Forms!frmEADFolders.lstFolders.Column(0)
     End If

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